- 90 Minute Massage

Recommended for those desiring a deeply relaxing full body massage, where multiple trouble areas can be acknowledged and honored. 


- Polarity Therapy -

A unique form of energy work that takes a closer look at origins of pain, dis-ease, and imbalances through the body. Polarity assists the client to achieve personal transformation & growth in mind, body, & Spirit.



- Massage & Polarity Combo -

A wonderful blend of modalities to release and transmute both energetic and physical imbalances. Includes a channeled discussion during outtake.




- 60 Minute Massage - 

This is an excellent option to focus on trouble areas of every day stress, such as neck, shoulders & back.



- 2 Hour Massage -

This option is highly recommended for either the person who takes a little more time to relax, or the exceptionally physically active who needs extra attention to multiple areas.


- Reflexology -

A hand & foot focused session where pressure points are stimulated in order to relieve not only the hands and feet, but others areas of the body to which they reflex. This service is 60 minutes & includes an aromatic foot soak, hot towels, hydrating foot scrub, & calf massage.