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Susie Quill-Delune

Owner/Operator LMT, CPP

Long story, very short:


I came to the bodywork world through experiencing first hand how profound this work can be. At that time, my life was full of emotional and physical pain, and it was truly thanks to the bodywork I received that spring day in 2013, that I was re-routed onto a more holistic, and self-loving path. 

With a heart set on fire, and the desire to learn this work, I enrolled into Spa-Tech Institutes, Holistic Massage program that following fall. There I met some truly incredible humans, including my most cherished mentor, Cailin O'Connor. 


Fast forward two years and I was lucky enough to be hired by Cailin to work at Stillpoint Bodyworks, where I eventually took over ownership. 

Though my approach to bodywork is ever changing with my clienteles needs, continued education, and the natural evolution of global consciousness; my mission to help humans feel seen, heard, valid, worthy, safe and loved in their bodies, will always be the same.

For the greater good of all. 


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