When you're looking for assistance with issues such as: 


Injury prevention & recovery 

Chronic pain

Mobility & range of motion

Troubled digestion

General anxiety & stress

 Unhealthy patterns of thinking

 Energetic & emotional imbalances

Lack of sleep

Stillpoint Bodyworks

may be just the partner you're looking for on your journey to

becoming your most balanced self!





Susie is amazing and very intuitive. She has helped me tremendously, and always takes the time to talk before and after the appointment about all concerns. Her touch is perfect as I prefer deeper massage for my issues. Her space is beautiful and peaceful! I find it so beneficial that I have a 90 min massage booked every month for the whole year! Highly recommend!

Jun 10, 2019

Customer since Dec 2016


90 Minutes of Relaxation

Thank you Susie for a wonderful massage that helped me relax and decompress when apparently I needed it the most! She is so in tune with people's bodies and was able to focus on the areas of the body that needed the most work to relief my stress. I went after she reopened with the new COVID guidelines- the experience was very relaxing while still taking great precautionary measures to keep everyone safe. Thank you again Susie!

Jul 13, 2020

Customer since Jan 2020


Totally wonderful!


I have had a great deal of body work for many decades. I can confidently say that Susie's work is highly skilled and effective -- and feels really good. As an added bonus, she is very intuitive gave great feedback about what she sensed and felt regarding my body and energy -- very helpful. I highly recommend Susie.




Oct 27, 2020

Customer since Sep 2020


One hour to total

Holistic Health

Susie's combination of being an exceptionally skilled massage therapist along with her taking the time to be in tune with other influences at play with her clients creates the ideal environment for comprehensive and deep healing and relaxation.

Jan 28, 2020

Customer since Jun 2018